December 15th, 2011
The Health Ministry Union of Medical Forensic Examination and Pathological Anatomy unveiled their final medical report on the death of writer Rafig Tagi, according to Radio Liberty.

The medical report said that complications from numerous wounds of the thorax and internal organs, created intestinal peritonitis and caused Rafig Tagi`s death.
Acute cardiovascular collapse due to acute chronic ischemic heart disease (thickening of the heart muscle after a heart attack) in the presence of bilateral pleurisy of the lungs was another cause of Tagi`s death.
The 61 year old writer-journalist was attacked by an unknown assailant on the evening of November 19 while returning home from work. A criminal case has been launched but so far no one has been held to account.
On November 15th 2006, Rafig Tagi was arrested for his article “Europe and Us”, originally published in Sanat newspaper. In response, some Muslims accused him of using offensive language towards the prophet Muhammad and of “preferring Christian values to Islamic ones”. He was initially sentenced to 3 years in prison under Article 283.1 of the Criminal Code (Incitement of national, racial or religious hatred). He was released following a presidential pardon in December of 2007. At that time, representatives from the ruling party of Azerbaijan claimed that the journalist had been arrested to protect him from certain death at the hands of Islamic extremists.
On November 27th, the son of Iranian Ayatullah Fazil Lenkerani, Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Lenkerani, released statement welcoming Tagi’s death.