May 7th, 2008
“I think there are no grounds for ‘Bizim Yol’ newspaper employee Mushfig Huseynov’s concerns.

We succeeded in registering him with European organizations as a political prisoner,” human rights activist Novella Jafaroglu is quoted as saying in today’s edition of “Bizim Yol” Newspaper.

“The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety introduced to the human rights defenders a comprehensive report about Mushfig Huseynov,” added Jafaroglu. According to her, this information leaves no doubt that Huseynov is a political prisoner. “We delivered this material to Thomas Hammerberg and need to try to move on to the next step,” said Jafaroglu.
Recall that on 21 January 2008 M. Huseynov was sentenced by Grave Crime Court Judge Jamal Ramazanov to six years of imprisonment followed by a two-year ban on working as a journalist for violating article 311.1 (receiving a bribe) of Criminal Code. Then, on 4 April 2008, Baku Appellate Court Judge Sahibkhan Mirzayev reduced Huseynov’s prison term to 5 years. Once Huseynov is released from prison, he is still forbidden from working as a journalist for an additional two years.