June 17th, 2011
Today, the Nasimi District Court announced the sentence on the case of Azerbaijan National Statehood Party Head Nemat Panahli and his friend Jeyhun Farzullayev. The Judge Elman Ahmadov ruled for 6 years in jail for Panahli and 4 years in jail for Farzullayev.

Nemat Panahli, the Chairman of the Azerbaijan National Statehood Party, and his friend Jeyhun Farzullayev were arrested under charges brought by citizen Eldar Rzayev. A criminal case has been brought against Panahli under Article 221.3 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism committed with a weapon). He was then sentenced to 2 months of pre-trial detention. The dispute stemmed from sale of a car to the citizen by Panahli.

Panahli’s supporters claim that the real reason behind his arrest is his journalistic activity. He wrote a number of articles criticizing the government, published in various press outlets.

Panahli’s lawyer ELchin Aliyev told after the hearing that they would appeal against the decision.