According to “Trend” Information Agency, the National Television and Radio Council will apply new rules to presidential candidates TV campaigns on private TV channels.

In an interview to “Trend,” the National Television and Radio Council chairman Nushiravan Maharramli noted that, “the candidates can’t use more than 20 percent of any give day’s air time and, in connection with this, the law ‘On Television and radio broadcasting’ will be applied.”  

Maharramli said, “Private TV channels abuse loopholes in the code. I think that, candidates can only use the time considered for advertisement. A solution to this matter must be found in the Election Code. If this matter is not solved by the presidential election, the National Television and Radio Council will assume advertisement demands as a basis. In the event of this, candidates won’t be able to use more than 12 minutes of airtime within any given hour”.  

Azerbaijan Central Election Committee secretary Natig Mammadov reported to “Trend” that private TV channels that are not in the possession of the state are responsible for creating equal conditions for presidential candidates. According to Mammedov, private TV channels have to give the same amount of air time to all candidates and get the same amount of money for their political campaigns. Mammadov emphasized that, as the principles for political campaigning on private TV channels are not reflected in the Election Code, there are some loopholes in this area. According to the Election Code, they cast lots and determine equal time. 

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