NGO leader Matanat Azizova’s flat searched


The flat of Matanat Azizova, head of the Woman Crisis Center, was searched on May 6.

According to Azizova’s husband Eldar Azizov, on the day of the search Matanat was attending a conference abroad. Her business trip will end on May 12.

The group of searchers included 3 people from Ministry of National Security (MNS) and one from General Prosecutor’s Office, accompanied by 2 cameramen from the MNS.

Eldar Azizov stated that representatives of law enforcement agencies were looking for the stamp and documents of the Woman Crisis Center.

Samir Kazimli and Afgan Mukhtarli, 2 civil society activists observed the search as witnesses.

Samira Agayeva, legal representative of Matanat Azizova, was also there. She noted that employees of law enforcement agencies seized 3 computers, including Azizova’s underage son’s computer, flash cards, title deed for the apartment, financial documents and business cards.

Journalists were not let into the apartment.

Note that Matanat Azizova was questioned by the General Prosecutor’s Office on May 1, in connection with the case of Rauf Mirgadirov who is charged on treason. She was mostly questioned about the activity of Leyla Yunus, head of the Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD). Women Crisis Center is based in the same building as the IPD.

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