NGOs say Presidential office must stick to its promises

A group of human rights organizations has written to Head of the Socio-Political Department of the Presidential office, Mr. Ali Hasanov calling for the immediate human rights NGO-government dialogue. Today marks the year since Mr. Hasanov assured that more than 80 proposals put forward by NGOs would be taken into account, the problems mentioned analyzed and solved in the dialogical processes.     

A copy of the letter was addressed to Azay Guliyev, Chairman of the Council of State Support to NGOs.

The letter also underlined that although Hasanov had promised to solve the problems, the regressions that took place over the past one year and, above all, the failure to continue the dialogue has added to the concerns of the NGO leaders.

The civil society representatives highlighted a number of troubling issues, mentioning the importance of a dialogue for their solution and also their readiness for such a dialogue with the government.

The open letter called on the government to stick to its pledge by continuing the dialogue with the civil society and respect their initiatives and calls for addressing the existing problems.

The open letter was signed by Rasul Jafarov of the Human Rights Club, Emin Huseynov of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, Gulnara Akhundova of the Azerbaijan Media Center, Zohrab Ismayil of the Public Association for Assistance to Free Economy, Intigam Aliyev of the Legal Education Society, Annagi Hajibayli of the Azerbaijan Lawyers Association, Mirali Huseynov of the Learning Democracy Public Union, Leyla Aliyeva of the Center for National and International Studies, Mirvari Gahramanli of the Oil Workers’ Rights Protection Committee, Anar Mammadli of the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center, Azer Mehtiyev of the Public Association for Assistance to Economic Initiatives, Hafiz Hasanov of the Law and Development Public Union, Ziya Guliyev of the Center for Legal Initiatives, Fuad Hasanov of the Democracy Monitor Public Union, and Samir Kazimli of the Alliance for the Defense of Political Freedoms.

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