April 7th, 2011
The investigation of Azadlig newspaper employee Seymur Haziyev`s kidnapping has not uncovered any new information, Haziyev told Objective TV today.

Haziyev was kidnapped and beaten up on March 25 night, in the Jeyranbatan area of Abseron, on his way home from work. A black bag was put on his head and he was taken to an unknown location, where he was beaten. His assailants abandoned him on a street in Binagadi.
According to him, a criminal case has been opened to investigate his kidnapping and abduction, but he has not been updated on the police progress.
Another Azadlig newspaper employee, Ramin Deko, was also the target of a kidnapping and assault. He told Objective TV that he had undergone a medical examination at Hospital # 1 to assess the aftereffects of the attack. Doctors found abrasions on his forehead,   and bruising.
Both of journalists have said that incidents are related to their professional work.