July 27th, 2009
Imprisoned Editor-in-Chief of “Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Novruzali Mammadov’s health has deteriorated. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by the Defense Committee for Mammadov’s Rights.

According to the information, three months earlier the editor-in-chief needed surgery for cataracts, thyroid and prostate glands and was suffering from high blood pressure. However, now he has more serious health problems – arthritis, neuritis accompanied by strong pain and limited movement. Novruzali Mammadov has not been placed in the treatment facility yet. His lawyer Ramiz Mammadov, spouse Maryam Mammadova and son Emil Mammadov told the defense committee that Novruzali’s right hand does not work and his previous illnesses have worsened.

Novruzali Mammadov was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment under article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic and is being held in strong regime prison #15.