April 24th, 2008
“It is noted in the regulations of National TV and Radio Broadcasting that no one bears authority to interfere with its activity,” said NTRC Assistant Chairman when he expressed his opinion about Council of Europe’s “AGO” monitoring group report about the situation of mass media in Azerbaijan and a paragraph about NTRC.

According to today’s edition of Baki Khabar Newspaper, T. Mammadov said “AGO” group revealed the document without being familiar with the work of the council. “The council is completely independent and unbiased in its work not only according to the regulation but also in its practical work,” said Mammadov. “We don’t agree with the ideas mentioned about the council in the report and this is viewed  as an attempt to cast a shadow on the image of this organization,” he said.  

In the “AGO” Group’s report it questioned the independence of the NTRC.