Objective TV correspondent beaten

On May 23rd Vafa Nagi (Nagiyeva), correspondent for the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety and the Objetive TV, was insulted by a man called Samir at 9:30pm as she was returning home to her apartment in Yasamal district.

When she asked him why he had insulted her, he suddenly attacked her, causing her mobile phone and bag to fall to the ground. Nagi says that she is at a loss to understand the reasons behind this assault. Running from his kicks and blows, Nagi was hurrying home, when she remembered that her mobile was still on the ground. She went back to retrieved it, and was attacked again.

“My neighbors tried to protect me when he tried to attack me again” said the IRFS correspondent. Vafa Nagi immediately filed an appeal with Yasamal District Police Office #28. Her appeal was taken and she underwent a medical examination. At the police office Samir harassed Nagi regarding her complaint against him.

The general investigator of the police office Huseyn Mammadov stated that he is unable to release the name of the culprit, as the investigation is ongoing: “We detained the person at the police office, and interrogated him. The investigation is ongoing; we shall provide information once the investigations are completed.” He advised IRFS to contact the top management of the police office for more information. Police Office #28 reported to IRFS that police office management would provide information regarding the case only after the investigation has been concluded.

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