December 29th, 2010
Today, 29 December, Head of Azerbaijani Ombudsman’s Office responded to the appeal of IRFS employee Rasul Jafarov, who had visited Nakhchivan and investigated the situation of the former oppositional parliamentary candidate Sakahavat Aliyev’s brother Chapay Alisoy and his family.

Upon his visit, Jafarov submitted an appeal to the Ombudsman’s Office, where he explained the situation and requested to take necessary measures.
 The response letter says that Ombusdman’s Office had tasked the Interior Ministries of Azerbaijani Republic and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (AR) with investigation of the incident. In the letter to the Ombudsman’s Office, the Ministries responded that Chapay Alisoy illegally traded in a small building. Although he had been invited to register with the Sharur Regional Tax Department, he continued trading illegally. He even used inappropriate language in an encounter with the employees of the Tax Department. The police officers, who arrived at the scene to defuse the situation, restored public order. The letter says that the Nakhcivan AR Ombudsman is aware of the issue as well.
According to  IRFS employee Rasul Jafarov, this response from the Ombudsman’s Office shows their defiance of the issue. Namely, Ombusdman’s Office  bases upon the responses of state agencies and considers the issue as settled. However, the Ombudsman’s Office is entitled to carry out an independent investigation. Jafarov says that he familiarized himself with all necessary legal documents (certificate of registration, tax receipts, tax registration certificate) of Chapay Alisoy’s shop during his visit to Nakhchivan and photographed these photos. Jafarov will again appeal to the Ombudsman’s Office and the photos will be attached in the letter as well.