Today, the screening of the four short films took place in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. These films were made by the journalists who won a competition called "Media and Transparency of Public Resources”, funded by the Promotion Foundation and the Open Society Institute (OSI.).

One of the films, on problems with drinking water in the Salian and Sabirabad regions, was not shown because of  government pressure.    
 The following films were shown: "Food safety" by Javid Guliyev, "The world garbage experience" by Habiba Abdulla, "Chronic kidney problems" by Dunya Sakit, and "Vocational Schools", by Saadat Akifgizi.
 The films are about the problem of rational use of resources, agriculture development strategy, recycling, and the training of technical personnel.
The films will for now be put up on Youtube. With luck, they will also be shown on local TV channels, which will get the information circulating around state agencies.
Coordinator of the transparency program Fidan Bagirova said that the project had sparked interest in other countries.  In 2011 they plan to form “A regional school of journalists’ research on public resources.”
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