Opposition Party Activist Prohibited from Contact with His Family


Fuad Ahmadli, the arrested chairman of Khatai district Youth Committee of the opposition party Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP), has been banned by the investigator from meeting with his relatives or talking to them on the phone, activist’s lawyer Asabali Mustafayev said. According to the lawyer, he continues efforts to get the ban lifted.

“After Azadliq newspaper director, APFP assistant chairman Faig Amirli’s arrest, the investigation against Fuad Ahmadli was separated from the criminal proceedings of the three people arrested together with him. He has been brought to Kurdakhani detention centre. There is one disturbing moment about it; Fuad Ahmadli may face new charges. Of course, it is only an assumption, yet a worrying one,” the lawyer said.

Background: Fuad Ahmadli was detained on August 18. He is charged under Articles 302.1 (infringement of the legislation on operative-search activity) and 308.1 (abusing official powers) of the Criminal Code. According to the joint statement of the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office, Fuad Ahmadli, an operator at the Call Centre of Azerfon LLC, channelled personal information of subscribers and phone tracking data to certain people. In addition, religious literature prohibited by law, CDs, speeches of Fetullah Gulen, and documents on persons called “Hizmet (Service) imams” and their mutual relations were allegedly seized from his apartment during search.

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