Opposition TV banned amid continued rights clampdown in Azerbaijan

The authorities seeks to ban the Turkish Media TV, which broadcasts Azerbaijan opposition program, Azerbaijan Saati, in regions amid increased public debate around deaths of young conscripts in Azerbaijani army. According to Azadlig newspaper, the Turkish Media TV is now banned in all public places in the region of Barda.

As Barda residents reported to Azadlig newspaper, the police raided public places and demanded that owners would remove satellite antennas.

According to Azadlig newspaper, police did not even try to hide the true reason behind their demand to remove satellite antennas. The police said they seek to prevent people from watching Media TV in cafes and tea-houses. The police warned the owners of the public places that they would be in trouble unless they remove the antennas.

The residents say the process began after the visit of interior minister Ramil Usubov to Barda. “People gathered in cafes and tea houses and watched Media TV. Azerbaijani Hour program broadcast on this channel was particularly popular. That is why the authorities have decided to remove satellite antennas from these places” said the residents.

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