On 27 February Azerbaijan Internet Forum (AIF) held a meeting.  AIF head Osman Gunduz talked to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety about this meeting today.

He said, "The internet community representatives participated in the meeting and we discussed problems related to the registration of national internet addresses, the regulation of domains, quality improvement and price decrease of internet during the meeting."
 IRFS then asked O. Gunduz about his position on the comments that were expressed about forming an Internet Council and accepting a law on internet services. Gunduz said, "I don't see any need to adopt a law on internet services and I am not aware of who will take care of this or what will be regulated. In fact, nowhere in the world does such a law exist to regulate these matters. I believe there's no need for this law. Internet is regulated by commercial rules. This matter is unclear to us."
 When asked about the creation of the Internet Council at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Gunduz said, "They suggest we be a member of this Council. We wanted to see the regulations of the council first. We think some paragraphs within the regulations might restrict our participation as a public body. We have already informed them about it, but we are unable to reveal the paragraphs to the press yet. They might remove those paragraphs from the regulation."
*On 1 February Milli Mejlis Administration head Shafa Mirzayev told journalists that a law on internet service will be accepted this year in Azerbaijan. On 6 February 2008, to clarify by which commission this draft law would be prepared and what kind of proposals would be reflected there, IRFS sent an information inquiry to Shafa Mirzayev. A response to this inquiry came today with the signature of Milli Mejlis Social Legislation Department director A. Abbasov. It is stated in the letter that the draft law "On Internet Providers" is being discussed by the Permanent Commission of Science and Education. After the discussion is over, the draft law will be placed on the website of the Milli Mejlis. 

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