December 15th, 2009
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Sadarak region resident, first degree invalid (disabled) Gasimov Mammad Sadig oglu (born in 1962) faced pressure by the region leadership because of his appeal to the president, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Supreme Assembly Chairman and other officials regarding the problems he faced.

The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety Nakhchivan Correspondents were told this by Mammad Gasimov.
He said that in 2008 they tore down his personal store he had been using for sixteen years under the pretext of “reconstruction work”. He began to complain because he was displeased with the land that was given to him instead of the destroyed store.
“Official in the region got angry because of this, and I was sentenced to house arrest. They threatened that they would kill me,” said Mammad Gasimov.
Mahammad Gasimov said that the First Deputy Chief of the region’s Executive Administration Bakhtiyar Mahmudov and his brother Mehman Mahmudov showed a special prerogative to harm him. The plaintiff appealed to Law Enforcement Organs for the safety of his family and himself. Sadarak region Executive Administration Department Head Yahya Zeynalov told the IRFS correspondent that Mammad Gasimov appealed to the Executive Administration as well. He was told by them that a big trade center will be built in the region in the near future. Not only Mammad Gasimov, but also other people whose stores were torn down, will receive a spot there.
Yahya Zeynalov added that Mammad Gasimov overstated the issue.
It is not the first time that people have faced pressure in the Sadarak region for complaining against the local offices. Regional residents 57 year old Alasger Ismayilov and 75 year old invalid Ismayil Huseynov were subjected to pressure and they were placed in the psychiatric hospital in Nakhchivan due to complaint letter they wrote to the president.