Today, 16 February, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety (IRFS), the Editor-in-chief of P.S. Nota newspaper held a press conference regarding his arrest and his future plans.

S.Alibeyli stated that he conducted an investigation while he was held in prison #14 and found out that there’s serious financial misappropriation happening in prisons. There are 48-50 thousand prisoners in Azerbaijan’s prisons and 4.5 AZN are allocated daily for each of them; but the money is not spent as it planned, added Alibeyli. He emphasized that he did not witness any ill will towards himself, but other prisoners are very badly treated.
Alibeyli noted that he criticized the political course of late president Heydar Aliyev, President Ilham Aliyev and his wife Mehriban Aliyeva; therefore he was arrested according to the agreement of Ilham Aliyev.
“I want the president to receive me and to create a commission to investigate my arrest,” noted S.Alibeyli. “If not I will hold a press conference next week and unveil more serious details.”
S.Alibeyli emphasized that the invitation card of the Supreme Court regarding the consideration of his case was sent to his house, not to the prison where he was held, and this is a serious law violation.
In conclusion, Alibeyli stated that P.S.Nota newspaper will restore its operation in March and will continue to publish his critical articles.
On 8 October Nizami District Court issued a verdict to sentence Nota Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Substitute Sardar Alibeyli (Aliyev) and former chief adviser of Nota newspaper Faramaz Novruzoglu (Allahverdiyev) to three months imprisonment according to the lawsuit of “Azadlig Harakatchilari” Union Chairman Tahmasib Novruzov.  Ramiz Tagiyev, another correspondent of the newspaper, was sentenced to six months conditional imprisonment under the same verdict.
On 9 October, a decision was issued on the appeal of both parties against the decision of the Nizami District Court adopted on the special lawsuit of several Internal Army representatives against Nota Newspaper Editor-in-chief Sardar Alibeyli, and Sardar Alibayli was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment including his previous sentence. S.Alibeyli ended prison term on 8 February and was freed.
Sardar Alibeyli is the editor-in-chief of Nota Bene and Nota newspapers. Nota Bene and Nota newspapers were announced “racketeering press” by the Press Council and publishing houses refused to print them. Therefore S.Alibeyli founded P.S.Nota newspaper.
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