August 25th, 2009
Today, 25 August, the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services unveiled a statement in connection with the death of “Tolishi-Sado” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Novruzali Mammadov. According to APA, it is said in the statement that N.Mammadov had been examined while he was held in prison and his health was under constant medical care.

“N.Mammadov`s health was satisfactory, he refused inpatient care and treatment because he did not need it,” it is reported in the information. “In July of this year N.Mammadov was admitted to the medical facility due to pain in his neck and shoulders. He received treatment for osteochondrosis of neck vertebrae and plexus of right shoulder. N.Mammadov received total lab instrumental examination by the chief endocrinologist of Baku city and leading professional specialists of other developed clinics and he was given necessary treatment course. N.Mammadov had never been bed-sick and he was able to control himself independently. But on 17 august 2009 the prisoner’s health declined suddenly. Chief specialists from reanimation field of the Health Ministry including Ministry’s doctors were involved in his intensive treatment because severe dysfunction of brain and heart was observed. Despite medical assistance, the patient’s heart dysfunction developed and prisoner N.Mammadov died on the same day. According to Court Medical Examination’s initial result, severe disorder of blood circulation as a result of vessel thrombosis caused N.Mamadov`s death.”
N.Mammadov’s lawyer Ramiz Mammadov said that the editor-in-chief’s right to life was violated. He told “Turan” News Agency that he will appeal to local courts in connection with the death of Mammadov. N.Mammadov’s case regarding articles 5 (right to freedom and inviolability) and article 14 (prohibition of discrimination) has already been sent to the European Court of Human Rights.  

“Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Editor-in-chief N.Mammadov died in the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services Central Hospital on 17 August. Mammadov was transferred to the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services Central Hospital on 28 July 2009 after his health worsened. His relatives claim that he did not receive necessary treatment and as a result he died.  In 2007, during a closed hearing, N.Mammadov was sentenced to ten year imprisonment under article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic. However, N.Mammadov, who had Talysh nationality, did not consider himself guilty and claimed that his arrest was related to ethnic-political motives and freedom of speech.