On September 13th, Jali Mammadli , employee of  www.pia.az news website (run by Poligon news agency), was assaulted by 3 people near his house. The journalist attributes this attack to articles published on pia.az in September about the head of Khachmaz Central Regional Hospital, Bahram Shahverdiyev.

 Mammadli said that on the day of the attack, September 13th, he had received a call from someone who introduced himself as an employee of the Minsitry of Justice and wanted to meet with him urgently.
“I was in Baku that day. I got to Khachmaz at about 11 pm. When I was nearly home, I receieved a call from a man who introduced himself as ‘Anar’, and said that he was waiting for me near a place called ‘Qosa gapi’. As soon as I got there, I saw 3 people near a Mercedes car (license plate number 10 VM 164). I approached them. Anar told me that ‘You have taken Bahram doctor’s issue to the media.I guess you didn’t know that he is my relative. Why are you are writing those reports?’ I told him that  I am not a TV journalist, and then they assaulted me,” said Mammadli. He added that the men had driven off straight afterwards. Mammadli called the 102 police service and went to  the police station the same day.
“The results of a medical examination confirmed that I had been physically assaulted. It also became clear that the people behind the attack were Bahram Shahverdiyev’s son-in-law Anar Aliyev, his brother Vugar, and his friend. The police department vowed to launch an objective investigation into the case,” said the journalist.

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