Today, February 13, in the Yasamal District Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Metanet Hajiyev, a hearing was conducted on the lawsuit of Maliyka Asadova and Emil Jarchiyev against “Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet” Deputy Chief Editor Mubariz Masimoglu and Shakir Abbasov.

Plantiffs M. Asadova and E. Jarchiyev, defendants M. Masimoglu and S. Abbasov and defense lawyer Hidayet Rustembeyli participated in the hearing.
M. Masimoglu put forth a motion, asking the judge to summon to court Yasamal District Police Department #27 Chief Akif Nebiyev and lawyers Tofig Aslanov and Ramiz Mirzayev. Aslanov and Mirzayev sought to defend Masimoglu, although it remains a mystery who called for them. The judge partially fulfilled the motion, saying it is possible to invite lawyers T. Aslanov and R. Mirzayev to future hearings.
M. Asadova said that she forgives the defendants and refused to discuss the incident. She said that even if future hearings are necessitated she will not participate.
Then plaintiff E. Jarchiyev stated that what is written in the lawsuit does not conform to reality, and that he was not beaten by M. Masimoglu, and Masimoglu did not swear during the incident. When the judge showed the complaint letter to E. Jarchiyev and asked him whether everything written there belonged to him, Jarchiyev said, “I do not understand Azeri very well and I have written what I was told to.”
The judge stated that medical expert, witnesses and M. Masimoglu’s lawyers will be interrogated during the next hearing and then scheduled the next hearing on this case for 17 February at 11:30 a.m.
This lawsuit stems from a dispute which happened on a public bus between assistant editor-in chief of "Korrupsiya ve Jamiyyat" Jurnal Mubariz Masimoglu and Maleyka Asadova (note: this is not Azerbaijan's Popular Artist Maleyka Asadova) and Emil Jarchiyev in August of 2008. And a criminal case regarding the incident was opened in the Yasamal District Police Department's Investigation Department under article 221 of the Criminal Code.
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