Police brutality against journalist prompts investigation


Mais Aliyev, senior sergeant of Sabail District Police Office’s Post Patrol Service Division, and Zahid Dashdamirov, sergeant of the same body, have been discharged from their positions by relevant order of Baku City Main Police Department- the former for beating IRFS reporter Rasim Aliyev, who was
covering a protest in central Baku, and the latter for using force against a participant of the same rally. Their case materials have been sent to the prosecutor’s office so that a procedural decision is adopted on them. It was stated in the letter which the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) received from Baku City Police Department on June13.

“They fired the policeman who attacked and beat me. Such a reaction is, of course, commendable. Now the prosecutor’s office ought to file a criminal case and hold accountable that policeman, who beat me for no reason” Rasim Aliyev told IRFS.

Background: On June 3rd a group of fans of Turkish Galatasaray and Fenerbahce football clubs staged protest near Turkish embassy in Baku, to express their support to mass protests in the neighboring country that burst out on May 28 against planned demolition of Gezi Park. IRFS reporter Rasim Aliyev, who was covering the protest on the scene, was subjected to violence by officers from Sabail District Post Patrol Service.

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