Police detain the man who beat journalist in front of his apartment


Baku City Main Police Department has released official information about the beating of Yeni Musavat correspondent Farahim Ilgaroglu. According to the information, the journalist’s assaulter – the 24-year old Siyazan region resident Feyruz Termishi, who lives in a rented apartment in Baku – was detained on May 6 near Memar Ajami subway station, as a result of a joint operation carried out by Nizami District Police Office and the police station #24.

According to Yeni Musavat newspaper, the second man by name Orkhan, who also participated in beating, had also been detained.

In a phone interview, Ilgaroglu himself told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) that the detained persons admitted that they had been hired to beat him by Tural Bayramov, a security agency manager.

“In confrontation with me they said that Tural Bayramov showed them my picture on Facebook and said that “he needs to be punished, you’ll get money for it”. They got part of the money before committing the crime. Tural Bayramov himself is an active Facebook user. Bayramov used to be the president of Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation and a close ally of MP Adil Aliyev. He later cut ties with Adil Aliyev and befriended with Aynar Mammadov, nephew of Ziya Mammadov, Minister of Transport. He has a photo with him. But Tural Bayramov has not been detained yet. He is being searched,” said the journalist.

According to the journalist, he has written critical articles about reckless driving of Aynar Mammadov.

Note that Farahim Ilgaroglu was beaten in front of his apartment on April 25. He sustained a head injury, his teeth were broken and the lip was cut open.

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