June 19th, 2009
Today, 19 June, police did not permit the journalists to gather in front of Milli Mejlis in connection with a protest action the Civil Society Defense Committee (CSDC) attempted to conduct in connection with proposed changes and amendments to Law on Non-governmental Organizations and Mass Media.

The police surrounded the area and did not even allow the accredited media representatives to go closer to the building of Milli Mejlis. It was only after the journalists at the site talked to Baku City Police Department Chief, General Major Yashar Aliyev, that a representative from the Milli Mejlis came, and then several accredited journalists were let in. Other journalists, however, were not permitted to approach the parliament building to fulfill their professional obligation.
NGO representatives who attempted to conduct the protest action regarding Azerbaijan Republic Law on Non-governmental Organizations (Public Unions and Foundations) were completely distanced from Milli Mejlis. Police did not wait for CSDC Working Group member Gubad Ibadoglu to read the Resolution of the protest action to the end. Then Yashar Aliyev gave his consent to police to escort Gubad Ibadoglu to submit the resolution to Milli Mejlis Administration Head.
The Baku city’s Mayor’s office refused the appeal of CSDC, in which more that 150 NGOs are joined, to grant permission for the action.

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