Police Operation in Nardaran Settlement January 28, 2016




Employees of the Interior Ministry’s Criminal Search Department, the Main Organized Crime Department, Baku City Main Police Department, and Sabunchu District Police Office #42 conducted a joint operation in the Nardaran settlement of Baku.

During the operation, Baku resident Elgun Huseynov was detained. According to law enforcement agencies, seven 9-mm cartridges were seized from Huseynov. Reportedly, six makeshift Molotov cocktails were also found during the search of his car.

Police conducted similar operations in Nardaran in November and December of 2015, during which numerous people were arrested. Although several months have passed since the initial crackdown, living standards in the area have not been addressed. The residents say they are at breaking point.

“A number of houses have been left without electricity due to the road repair work that has been ongoing for nearly two months. Others have no drinking water. People are getting sick, but they have no money to buy medicine or to go to a doctor. The financial situation is very difficult. People can barely afford to buy bread. They cannot survive like this. The last stop of the bus route running from the city to Nardaran used to be near the Sanctuary. People could conveniently travel to work and children to school. But now, buses are not allowed to run further than the entrance to Nardaran, forcing people to walk 2 kilometers in winter weather in order to take the bus to work. We are begging the government to address these problems,” said Nardaran residents when describing the situation in the settlement.

On December 11, 2015, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed an order allocating 12 million manat for renovation work in Nardaran settlement, upgrading the settlement’s socio-cultural infrastructure and resolving the social problems in the settlement. But despite the order, no practical action seems to have been taken.

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