March 4th, 2008
People’s Writer Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh's nephew was slandered by police.

According to "Yeni Musavat" newspaper, Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh's nephew was stopped by a police man in one of the metro stations a few days ago and taken to a room to be questioned by police. After checking the nephew was searched, police put narcotics on the table and told him that they found it on him. However, one of the police paid attention noted the boy’s first and last name, and realized that he was the People’s Writer Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh nephew who studies abroad. This was reported to higher ranking people in the police, and the police were then ordered to set the young man free. Then police told him that there was some misunderstanding and he was released.
 The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety notes this incident because Azadlig" newspaper journalist/satiric Sakit Zahidov was also arrested for possession of narcotics, however the famous journalist has always claimed that police planted the drugs on him because of his criticism of the government. He passed a urine drug test, but was denied and fair court trial. He is currently a three year prison sentence in Prison #14 in Gizildash.