June 30th, 2009
Today, 30 June, the journalists and NGO representatives faced harassment during a protest action held by the Civil Society Defense Committee (CSDC) in front of Milli Mejlis in connection with proposed changes and amendments to Law on Non-governmental Organizations (Public Unions and Funds) and Mass Media.  

Civil clothed people approached action participants who were gathered by former Azizbayov monument to conduct a march and told them to disperse. They did not introduce themselves. These civil clothed people who were later identified as police wanted to prevent media representatives from taking photos and filming, and used physical pressure against several people, including Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Chairman Emin Huseynov to prevent the action participants and journalists from moving towards Parliament.
As a result of physical pressure, Emin Huseynov’s handbag was torn. Besides, police attempted to hinder the accredited employee of “Radio Liberty” from going towards Milli Mejlis. However, “Radio Liberty” employee was able to move on after Yasamal District police Department Chief Mohubbet Huseynov interfered.
The police took the slogans that read “No to Antidemocratic Laws!!!” and “Recognize Our Right to Unite” from the participants forcefully. Yasamal DPD Chief permitted three people from CSDC’s Three Working Groups to go to the Parliament, and they submitted the resolution to Milli Mejlis.

Photo: http://www.irfs.az/component/option,com_datsogallery/Itemid,30/func,viewcategory/catid,276/lang,az/

Video: http://www.irfs.az/content/view/2529/1/lang,az/