Police Use Violence against Participants after Opposition Protest Rally


On September 17, the National Council held a protest rally in Mahsul Stadium under the slogans “End to Monarchy” and “Stop the Pillage.” The rally had been sanctioned by the local executive authorities and lasted for 2 hours. The protesters chanted “Freedom,” “Resign,” “No to Referendum,” and other slogans during the rally.
A confrontation occurred between the protesters and the police upon the completion of the rally. Journalists Islam Shikhali, Orkhan Rustemzade and Farid Arifoglu, activists Nuru Nuruzade, Ilkin Ismayil, Ruslan Gara, Agil Maharram, Orkhan Jarchi and Aykhan Hajibayli were detained. The police hindered the journalists filming the protest. Orkhan Rustemzade and Islam Shikhali were later released.
Police officers also attacked blogger Mehman Huseynov and hit him. But he was set free.
Azadliq newspaper reporter Tazakhan Miralamli was also detained, but was freed afterwards.
During the rally, the APFP chairman announced that one hundred party activists, who had organised the previous rally, were detained. Some of those detained were released after the rally was finished.

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