Musavat Party Stages Protest against Referendum


Opposition party Musavat has organised a protest against the September 26 Referendum on amendments to the Constitution in Mahsul stadium of Baku.

The protesters were holding posters that read “Long Live Republic,” “We Have Established the Republic and We Will Keep It Alive,” and “Free Faraj Karimov.”

Speaking at the protest, Musavat Party chairman Arif Hajili talked about the socio-economic situation and economic crisis in the country and criticised the current government.

“There are more than 100 political prisoners in Azerbaijan. Despite pressures, Azerbaijani people continue the resistance. The day is not far off when the political prisoners will get out of jail. Those persons create an example for Azerbaijan. We want this government to step down,” Hajili said.

Head of National Strategic Thought Centre Isa Gambar said the standard of living of Azerbaijani people is extremely low and people have become hostages of loans provided by government banks. “Hundreds of people are thrown into jail and repressed for speaking their minds freely. Finding a way out of the crisis does not look real, because the cause of this crisis is the government itself,” Isa Gambar said.

The protest ended with reading out a resolution. The authors of the resolution demanded the cancellation of the September 26 referendum, the implementation of reforms, the liberation of Karabakh, the improvement of people’s well-being, and the release of the political prisoners.

No incident occurred during the protest rally.

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