Polling Stations to Be Set Up in Foreign Countries In Connection With Referendum


Polling stations are planned to be organised in connection with the Sept 26 referendum in about 40 countries where Azerbaijan’s diplomatic representations are based, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Hikmat Hajiyev has said. “According to Article 35.6 of the Election Code, polling stations shall be created by the heads of diplomatic representations or consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan at least 30 days prior to Voting Day, provided the number of voters registered with the consulate is more than 50. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented the list of diplomatic representations and consulates, where polling stations will be set up, and the information on the number of citizens to the Central Election Commission,” Hajiyev said.

Background: The referendum on amendments to the Constitution will be held on September 26. The Draft Referendum Act stipulates establishment of the posts of first vice-president and vice-presidents of Azerbaijan. It also extends the term of office of the president from 5 years to 7 years. Minimum age requirements for the president and parliamentarians are removed. Besides, the president is granted the power to dissolve the parliament.

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