Popular opposition dailies banned from sale in Baku Metro


The two major opposition newspapers, Yeni Musavat and Azadliq, have been banned from sale in stations of Baku Metro, IRFS was told by the newspapers today (October 18).

According to Azadliq deputy chief editor Rahim Hajiyev, news vendors, who say they are not allowed to sell the papers, do not know where this instruction comes from or what the reasons are.

“We do not know the reasons either, but we’re investigating the issue” said Yeni Musavat chief editor Alasgar Suleymanov.

“Baku Metro head Tagi Ahmadov denies giving such an order. We cannot anyhow get in touch with Metroservis press distribution company. Therefore we’ve appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs” said Suleymanov.

IRFS’s effort to learn and publish the view of the Metropolitan Office failed, as no one answered the phone.

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