PPFA activist charged with drug trafficking in Ganja

The member of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA) Razi Alyshov, detained on May 28 in Ganja, is charged with drug trafficking. The court detained him for two months on May 30. This was reported to Turan by the PPFA.

The PPFA believes that the activist is prosecuted on trumped up charges because of his political activities. The PPFA also emphasized that Alyshov had exposed provocations of the authorities in order to disrupt the cooperation between activists of the PPFA and the Muslim Unity Movement by creating fake profiles in social networks and stealing accounts of the opposition activists.

The PPFA is going to engage an independent lawyer to defend Alyshov, who will first file an appeal.

The press service of the Interior Ministry confirmed that Alyshov was charged under Article 234.2 (Illegal acquisition or storage for purpose of selling drugs) of the Criminal Code and that he was arrested. However, the Interior Ministry rejected allegations of political motives for prosecuting Alyshov, who faces a prison sentence of three to seven years of imprisonment.

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