PPFA member arrested for 15 days

The activist of the Party of People’s Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA), Jeyhun Rzayev, was arrested administratively.

This was reported by the PPFA.

The reason for his arrest is that he held a single picket in the town of Mingachevir demanding the release bloggers Elchin Hasanzadeh and Jeyhun Rzayev from prison.

On October 4, in the evening, he put a photo of those arrested on the front window of the car of the head of the executive power of Mingachevir, after which he was detained by the police, then the town court arrested him.

However, the executive power of Mingachevir told Turan that no fact of this sort had occurred.

The chief inspector of the Sheki regional group of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mahir Masimov, told Turan that Rzayev committed actions aimed at violating public order, ignoring the police calls.

For this reason, a protocol was drawn up against Rzayev under Article 535 (non-compliance with lawful demands of a police officer) of the Code of Administrative Misconduct. By a court decision, it was condemned for 15 days.

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