prELIMINARY result of medical examination into writer-journalist rafig tagi’s death Released

Shakir Musayev, head director of the Health Ministry Union of Medical Examination and Pathological Anatomy, spoke to Turan news agency about the writer Rafig Tagi’s cause of death. He is of the opinion that Rafig Tagi died from the effects of a stab wound to the abdomen.

He also suffered injuries to the spleen, pancreas and the prostate. “He underwent a surgical operation, but an intestinal peritonitis developed later, causing the patient’s death. This is the initial result of the medical examination. The final conclusion will be given after laboratory analysis.”

In response to these findings Adil Geybulla, an expert with a doctorate in medicine, explained: "If the expert opinion indicates peritonitis, this means that in the abdominal cavity there was an infectious injury. This also suggests that during the operation they violated the rules of disinfection or that the intestinal contents found the way into the abdominal cavity. Against the background of peritonitis the intestine usually loses its tonus and stops working normally.”

Rafig Tagiv was attacked by an unknown assailant on the evening of November 19 while returning home from work. A criminal case has been launched but so far no one has been held to account.

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