May 6th, 2010
Today, 6 May, in the Azerbaijan Press Centre, Baku State University teacher Nasiman Yagublu’s book “Publication of national minorities living in Azerbaijan” was presented. The book contains information regarding print publications of ethnic minorities living in Azerbaijan. The book was released by the financial support of the Soros Foundation.

N.Yagublu said that it is for the first time that this kind of a book was published in Azerbaijan, but the work in this direction will be continued. He noted that in 1865 Russian’s emperor signed a decree allowing the provinces to publish in their ethnic languages. After this decree the first newspaper in Azerbaijani – Ekinchi was released. There were about 30 Russian language publications, 4 in Georgian, 7 in Armenian, and in German, Polish languages in Azerbaijan prior to Ekinchi newspaper.
He added that publications of national minorities living in Azerbaijan were published after the country was independent. For example – “Oko” in Russian, “Tolishi-Sado” in tallish, “Denge kurd” in Kurdish, “Samur” in lezgi language, “Shalala” in Georgian among other publications.  
The book “Publication of national minorities living in Azerbaijan” was published in 100o copies and will be distributed for free among journalism faculties’ students and journalist organizations.