January 11th, 2011

Today, January 11th, a press conference was held at the IRFS press center on the protection of the National Statehood Political Party Chairman Nemat Panahli’s rights. Nemat Panahli was arrested on January 8th.

Deputy Editor-in-chief of "Nota P.S." newspaper Sardar Alibeyli stated that the arrest of Nemat Panahli was related to his political activity and his sharp criticism reflected in press. He claimed that the party chairman’s arrest is the President Ilham Aliyev’s personal initiative.

According to one of the Panahli’s supporters Rasim Ahmadov, Panahli had earlier been charged with hooliganism as well: "Nemat is a man who has served for the national liberation. His arrest under a hooliganism charge is also morally wrong. As his friends and supporters, we shall use all legal opportunities to succeed in his release" said Ahmedov.

Azerbaijan National Statehood Party Chairman Nemat Panahli was detained by plain clothed persons on January 8th and taken to Nasimi District Police Office #21. The reason for his detention was citizen Eldar Rzayev’s appeal to the police on January 7th. He said that he was beaten in Mirali Gashgay street by Panahli and his friend Jeyhun Farzaliyev. A Criminal case has been launched against both persons under Article 221.3 of the Criminal Code (the hooliganism committed with application of a weapon or subjects, used as the weapon).
According to his supporters, Panahli was actually arrested for his critical opinions published in the press outlets, including the Nota PS, during the parliamentary elections and after the elections as well.