Pressure Exerted on Journalists Carrying Out Their Work

Radio Liberty reporter Islam Shikhali’s phone and press card were seized while he was filming NIDA Civic Movement member Turgut Gambar’s detention by plainclothesmen outside Baku Court of Appeal. The journalist’s phone and press card were later returned.

Youth activist Ismi Shahzade was also detained for trying to capture the scene of police officers preventing Radio Liberty reporter Islam Shikhali from filming. Officers from Quick Police Regiment and plainclothesmen took him to a police car, where they scanned his phone data and camera content and then released him.

Freelance journalists Aytaj Ahmadova and Ilgar Valiyev, who had come in front of the Main Police Department building to follow up on Turgut Gambar’s detention, were detained and taken to Police Office #37. The journalists were freed later on.

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