NIDA Civic Movement Member Claims He Is Threatened

August 18th, 2016


NIDA Civic Movement’s Board member Turgut Gambar was freed after being held at Baku City Main Police Department for several hours. Turgut Gambar was detained by plainclothesmen while waiting outside Baku Court of Appeal for the appeal hearing of NIDA member Elgiz Gahramanov who was arrested on August 12.

Speaking on his detention, Turgut Gambar said he had been threatened with arrest at the Police Department despite not having committed any illegal act.

“They did not tell me the reasons for my detention, but grilled me about why we supported the arrested NIDA member Elgiz Gahramanov. They were asking me why we were ‘going against the state’,” Turgut Gambar said.

Turgut Gambar is the son of Musavat Party leader Isa Gambar.