Today, the Nasimi District Court held a trial on the case of Azerbaijan  National Statehood Party leader Nemat Panahli and his friend Jeyhun  Farzullayev. Judge Elman Ahmadov presided over the trial.

The trial began with the testimony of Panahli. He said that he doesn’t wait  justice from court; he was arrested under the order of the president. He  also said that his arrest is related to his political activity.

Then Jeyhun Farzullayev answered the questions of state plaintiffs and he  said that he was psychically assaulted during the investigation. He also  said that he was demanded to give testimony againt N.Panahly. “I was told to  write how Nemat beat Eldeniz Rzayev, and then they will release me”.

The Judge E.Ahmadov gave information to participants of hearing about ending  investigation. Then state plaintiff Ramazanov represented in the hearing. He  requested court to sentence Nemat Pamahli to 7. 5 years, Jeyhun Farzullayev  to 5 years. He also requested to fix prison period from their detention.

Lawyers of defense sides requested court time to be familiarized with notes  in protocols and to prepare for representation in the hearinfg. The judge  E.Ahmadov scheduled the next hearing for 7 June at 14:30 p.m.

Nemat Panahli, the Chairman of the Azerbaijan National Statehood Party, was  arrested under charges brought by Citizen Eldar Rzayev. A criminal case has been brought against both men under Article 221.3 of the Criminal Code  (hooliganism committed with a weapon). If he is found guilty, Panahli could  face 5 years in prison.

Panahli’s supporters claim that the real reason behind his arrest is his  journalistic activity. He wrote a number of articles criticizing the  government, published in various press outlets, including the Nota PS.

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