Protest Held in front of Musavat Party Headquarters

On 2 February, a group of youth held a protest outside the headquarters of the Musavat Party. Holding up flags of Azerbaijan and posters against Musavat and opposition, the youth voiced slogans with loudspeakers. Most slogans were against the former chairman of Musavat Party, head of the Centre for National Thought Isa Gambar. The organiser of the protest is not disclosed.

The protest is supposed to be triggered by Isa Gambar’s speech at a commemorative event held in front of Musavat leader Mammadamin Rasulzade’s memorial in Novkhani village on 31 January, Rasulzade’s birthday. During his speech in question, Isa Gambar covertly criticised the government policy of making an idol of Heydar Aliyev.

Note that ATV television channel also aired an item against Isa Gambar the day before. Similar protests were also organised in front of APFP chairman Ali Karimli’s apartment in previous years.

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