Upper Limit of Fines for Jaywalking Increased Fivefold

February 1st, 2017

The amount of fines imposed on pedestrians for jaywalking, which is currently 20 manat, will be increased to 100 manat.

A draft law submitted to Milli Meclis (Parliament) as a proposal stipulates a 100-AZN fine for pedestrians knowingly stepping onto the roadway by crossing concrete or metal barriers.

According to the chief of the Public Relations Department of the State Traffic Police Department Kamran Aliyev, the amount of fine will remain 20 manat for all other cases. “As you know, those dividers are used in roads with a relatively higher speed limit. Stepping onto the roadway of roads bordered with such barriers puts your life and the lives of other road users in great danger. Therefore, it has been proposed that the amount of penalty of this sanction should be increased,” Aliyev said.