Public activist Elvin Mustafayev arrested in Saatly

The Saatli District Court sentenced social activist Elvin Mustafayev to 25 days of arrest, finding him guilty under Articles 510 (minor hooliganism) and 535 (disobedience to a lawful demand of the police) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

This was reported to Turan by Mustafayev’s relatives living in the Saatly region.

Mustafayev, known on social networks under the nickname “Atilla Khan”, was summoned to the Saatli district police department on March 17 and detained upon arrival.

“Elvin was called to the police because of his critical post on social networks about the lack of water in Saatli and the dispersal of the protest action of local residents. This is the real reason for his arrest,” said Mustafayev’s relative.

The opposition considered Mustafayev’s arrest a politically motivated move.

“Although Elvin Mustafayev is not a member of any political party, he actively expressed his attitude in social networks on topical issues of the socio-political life of the country. He demonstrated intransigence with lack of rights and injustice… Naturally, such an educated and politically active young man could not remain out of sight of the police regime, and now he was arrested for 25 days on trumped-up charges. We demand freedom for Elvin Mustafayev and all other political prisoners,” Ali Karimli, leader of the Popular Front Party, wrote on his Facebook page.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed information about the administrative arrest of Mustafayev for committing specific offenses.

On March 13, residents of the villages of Nabatkend and Orta Mugan of the Saatli region blocked the road in the direction of Baku in protest against the lack of water supply on their lands.

The police used force to disperse the demonstration, three detainees were sentenced to administrative arrests.

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