Public prosecutor requests 9 year jail sentence for Anar Mammadli


The trial of the EMDSC chairman Anar Mammadli, executive director of the NGO, Bashir Suleymanli and head of the Volunteers International Cooperation Public Union (VICPU), Elnur Mammadov continued in the Baku Court on Grave Crimes on May 21.

Addressing the court, public prosecutor requested that the accused be convicted of all the charges brought against them. He asked for a 9 year jail sentence for Mammadli with a 3-year ban on the right to occupy leading positions, and 8 and half years of imprisonment for Suleymanli and Mammadov with a 2 year restriction of the same right.

After the prosecutor’s speech, Mammadli’s lawyer Fariz Namazli took the floor. He noted that the case is politically motivated and required acquittal of his client.

The lawyers of the other defendants asked for a week to prepare final speech.

The judge granted and trial adjourned until May 26.

Background: Anar Mammadli was detained on 16 December 2013, on charges of running business without registration, tax evasion and abuse of office by influencing election results. He was sent to pretrial detention straight away, while the two other accused, EMDS executive director Bashir Suleymanli and Volunteers International Cooperation public union director Elnur Mammadov were prohibited to leave Baku until trial. On March 19, the accused faced additional charges of service forgery and appropriation of property.

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