August 25th, 2011
On August 25th, the Goychay District Court held a court hearing on the case of human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarov. Judge Elkhan Suleymanov presided over the hearing.

During the hearing, public prosecutor Nariman Alakbarov called Isgandarov’s evidence “absurd”, and requested the court to reject it. He demanded a 4 year sentence for Isgandarov, based on the charges brought against him.  
After the proceeding, Isgandarov’s lawyer Khalid Bagirov told Objective TV that his client has not committed any crime, and he needs to be acquitted.
Human rights defenders Elchin Behbudov, Elchin Abdullayev and Elchin Shirinov met Isgandarov in Goychay and talked to him about his health, and the prison conditions.
 “Isgandarov’s health is fine, and he has been provided with medication. His only complaint is that he is not allowed to read the daily newspapers. He says that the case against him is a set up, and his trial has been blighted by serious legal violations,” said  Elchin Behbudov.
Although the courtroom was small, there was a 16-strong police presence, in addition to the court guard in the courtroom. There were also policemen in front of the court building. Proceedings will continue tomorrow at 09:30, with testimonies from the  defendant side.