Today, 16 June, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety, “Regional Human Rights and Education Centre” Public Union Chairperson Latafat Malikova held a press conference regarding the registration of the organization by the Ministry of Justice.

L.Malikova said that the NGO was created in Kurdemir region in the autumn of 2008. The purpose was to organize legal defense and educational advocacy in the Shirvan, Garabag, Aran and north-western regions of the country.
She added that the court case against the Ministry of Justice regarding its failure to register the organization began in November of 2008 and continued up to now. “Although we appealed to the Ministry of Justice to register “Regional Human Rights and Education Center” Public Union, we appealed to court because the organization was not registered,” said L. Malikova. “The Yasamal District Court issued a decision to not fulfill the lawsuit on 1 July, 2009. The Baku Appellate Court upheld the decision on 29 September, 2009. According to our cassation complaint, on 27 January, 2010, the Supreme Court adopted a decision to send the decision to the Appellate Court for reconsideration.”
Malikova added that she was called to the Ministry of Justice on 10 June, 2010, and certificate regarding the registration of the organization was presented to her.
Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Public Union Head Elchin Abdullayev emphasized that the registration of organizations is a political issue. He pointed out that the names of organizations created problem in the registration of the NGOs; the registration of NGOs which have “defense of human rights”, “democracy” words in their names face challenges.
“They carry out thorough investigations about the people who establish organizations and what the aim of the organization is,” emphasized E.Abdullayev.

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