Publishing company ceases publication of Azadliq newspaper


Azerbaijan publishing house stopped publication of Azadliq newspaper since November 12, the first deputy editor of the paper Rahim Hajiyev told IRFS today.

According to Hajiyev, the newspaper’s managers could not reach an agreement with the leadership of the publishing company on continuing the newspaper’s publication at today’s meeting.

“We could not anyhow get our money from the press distributor, which they owed to us for the sold copies, in order to pay off our debt to the publishing house” said Hajiyev. “Our bank accounts have been frozen due to a defamation fine, so we cannot withdraw or use our balance. Azadliq is ordered by courts to pay 65,000 manat for defamation, but we are not in position to pay”.

Note that a group of young online activists have started a campaign on Facebook calling for voluntary financial support to the newspaper.

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