Radio Liberty correspondent faces pressure

May 12th, 2012
On May 10th Radio Liberty correspondent Javanshir Agamaliyev was assaulted by plain-clothed persons while filming a protest against Flower Day, he reported to IRFS today.

According to Agamaliyev, yesterday he filmed the march from Puppet Theatre until Carpet Museum held by a group of pro-opposition youth, whose mouths were covered and who were carrying posters for “We want democracy, not the Flower Day”.

“A plain-clothed person, who didn’t introduce himself, asked me why I was filming the march and tried to stop me. He behaved rudely and pushed my camera. I said that I was a journalist for Radio Liberty, but they ignored me. They twisted my arms, and took my camera. After deleting the videotape of the protest, they gave back my camera,” said Agamaliyev.