December 19th, 2007
Expression of Freedom Defense Committee’s protest action regarding the human rights violation, pressures against press and illegal imprisonment of the journalists that will be conducted on December 22 in Ukraine Square has been rejected.

The Committee reported the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that, today Baku City’s Executive Administration sent a response letter. According to the letter the rally is allowed only in Bibiheybet Stadium which is refused by the Committee before. In the response letter the adoption of such decision wasn’t clarified. The rally participants noted in their letter to Baku City’s Executive Administration that, the stadium which was offered wasn’t suitable for realization of the rally. It is also reported that, the Organization Committee will send request information to Baku City’s Executive Administration for appointing places in the city to carry out rallies and other mass actions. In their request they will demand a response till on January 10 in 2008.