Violation of human rights is continuing in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is continuing. It was stated in the press conference at IRFS press center, on presentation of Human Rights and Mass Media Monitoring Project report financed by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since September 2010.

IRFS correspondent to Nakhchivan Elman Abbasov said that the citizens refusing to bribe to police employees in NAR are increasingly facing physical violence.
“Specifically, Nadir Mammadov, who refused to bribe to traffic police in February 2011 and was enough brave to complain about it, was tortured by NAR Interior Minister Ahmad Ahmadov, and Mammadov’s fingers were crushed by pliers. Vilayat Huseynov, who also had refused to bribe, had his legs broken by the police. The reason why a bribe was asked of him was that he bought 4 bottles of vodka in Nakhchivan and wanted to send it to his brother in Sharur region,” Abbasov noted.
IRFS representative Idrak Abbasov spoke about citizens’ detention in police office for several days without any good reason. He also noted that the citizens are forced to attend subbotniks at the weekend. He added that all types of political activities are restricted in NAR, journalists and irgths defenders are regularly threatened and intimidated.  
IRFS correspondent to Nakhchivan Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev spoke about violation of property rights of the residents of Sadarak village at Sadark region in NAR. He said that the farming areas were confiscated by Sadarak District Executive Power head Abbasgulu Abbasov who grew beetroot and grain in these lands.
Mehdiyev says that the social tension is increasing in Nehram vilalge of Babak region as well. Here, under the instruction of Babak District Executive Power Head, the water supply was cut to the farming areas of oppositional Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Nakhchivan branch head Yasar Bagirsoy and his relatives.
IRFS representative Rasul Jafarov said that Nakhchivan State TV channel, Kanal-35 TV shannel, as well as state radio “Voice of Nakhchivan” and NAR parliament’s Sharg gapisi newspaper were monitored. The monitoring revealed that these media tools allocated positive coverage to the governmental representative, while opposition received no coverage at all. Additionally, he blamed the NAR Ombudsman for violating human right and not investigating the complaints he receives.
IRFS chairman Emin Huseynov stated that part of the funding of this project is for the financing of local and foreign journalist to visit NAR and that some journalists have already benefited from this opportunity.

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