April 27th, 2011
Today, the Appeals Court heard human rights defender Vidadi Isgnadarov’s appeal against the Nasimi District Court 18 April judgment.

Isgandarov and his attorney Akif Alizadeh, along with media representatives were in attendance.
The defendant’s attorney filed a motion requesting the court to identify and summon the police employees who took him to Nasimi District Police Office to testify as witness. They also allegded that the court investigation of Isganderov was not fair. He requested the court to rule for his release, on the grounds that the arrest was ungrounded.
Vidadi Isgandarov spoke to the court, declaring that his arrest was politically motivated and connected to his activity as a human rights defender.
After deliberation, the Judge rejected the motions and upheld the Nasimi District Court decision.
Human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarov was arrested during the 17 April 2011 opposition protests in Sahil park. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention.