April 30th, 2010
Today, 30 April, in the headquarters of Azerbaijan National Independence Party (ANIP), a roundtable was held dedicated to 3 May World Press Freedom Day.

Problems of Azerbaijani press, especially freedom of speech, professional ethical norms, the increased number of journalists subjected to physical and psychological harassment, the murder of Monitor Journal Editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov, and the current economic situation of editorial offices were discussed during the event.
Turan Information Agency Director Mehman Aliyev talked about existing problems in the field of press and speech freedom, and said that the main problem of the media is economic, and the independence of journalists mostly depends on this. M.Aliyev stressed that numerous journalist arrests, Azerbaijani government’s intolerance of independent media is an example of this, and these cases create serious obstacles for the development of professional journalism. He said that 100 percent of electronic Mass Media, and 99 percent of web-media are under supervision of the government and illegal resources; and the only way out is through democratization and reform of the current system.
Additionally, Azerbaijan International Independence Party Press and Propaganda Secretary Ali Orujov, National Cultural Defense Public Union Chairwoman Jale Jafarova, Umid Party  Deputy Chairman Taleh Aliyev all emphasized that the freedom of speech is  one of the principal attributes of a free society and that journalist professionalism is inseparable part of freedom of speech.